Another Blenny I can't identify


Hi again- one more....

This guy was hiding in a recess, in about 2-3 feet of water. Normally not much wave action.

He's a beaut for sure!


Just a snorkeler- Barb

Mimic Blenny

Mimic Blenny, Labrisomus guppyi. Yours is a little more mottled than most - usually they have stronger bars. Two good diagnostic characters are the ocellus on the cheek (notice the orange crecent on the rear edge). And the thin white bar at the base of the tail.

Another nice find. Mimics are very rarely photographed which is odd because they aren't that uncommon. None of my guidebooks have photos, but I have one on FishBase: I think the Reefnet DVD also has some pictures.



My goodness, I'd have never thought of the cheek as being way back there, but now that you say that, I see what you mean. (I think of the cheek as being below the eye). Learn something everyday. I'm so glad you take the time to do this.


Just a snorkeler, islandbarb

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