Diamond Blenny Juvie?



Snorkeling north shore St. John and snapped these pics. Looks almost like a diamond blenny, but the head isn't yellow and this fish has another dark spot with neon blue center on rear dorsal fin, which makes me wonder if maybe it's a juvenile. So many fish have these spots when juveniles, then loose them later. The red/orange anal fin is curious also. Taken in about 2 feet of water over a Manatee seagrass bed with sandy, rubble strewn bottom.



Just a snorkeler,

Barb-St. John

Malacoctenus gilli

You were close! It's a Dusky Blenny, Malacoctenus gilli. I have seen the orange anal fin on them before, but beware: the similar Malacoctenus erdmani (no common name) can also have an orange anal fin and rear spot. The difference is M. erdmani is smaller with a square spot and M. gilli has a rounded spot.

I don't have any pictures of the Dusky Blenny but here's two of M. erdmani. Keep your eyes open for these - they should be in your area and in the same habitat.




  I guess I see the


I guess I see the resemblance now, the Reef Set picture doesn't clearly show the spot of the foredorsal fin and the mine looks like it's quite a bit smaller in size and much more colorful.  I have a couple other pictures of what I've identified as a Dusky Blenny, but I can't figure out how to post one into a reply message. Any hints on that?




I've never been able to add

I've never been able to add photos in a reply, but I don't think anyone would mind if you posted them in a new topic.

Yes, the photo in Reef Fish shows a large, dull adult - Some of them are much brighter.

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