Unknown Blenny



Anyone recognise this blenny? Taken in less than one foot of water along the rocky shoreline - St. John. Was flitting in and out and around the blister leaf and sargasum weed. On this day there was some surge. There are several barred blennies, but the two tall first dorsal fins don't give me a clue. 

Just a snorkeler,

Island Barb



Malacoctenus versicolor

Yes, those are Barfin Blenny, Malacoctenus versicolor. Nice pictures.

I think I attached the link to my photo on Fishbase before, but just in case: http://www.fishbase.us/Photos/PicturesSummary.php?ID=16570&what=species. You can clearly see the elongated first dorsal spines in that shot.


You're right

You're right, of Course, I had not associated, because this one's color is so.... well, yellow! As I re-read the description, is see this must be a female--Yellow with black specks.

I think the picture in the Reef Set looks nothing like either of the pictures I have so it's very easy to overlook the possibility. 


Reef Fish Photo

Oops, I should have said: The Reef Fish photo is mis-identified. It's actually a Rosy Blenny.

Both male and female Barfin Blenny are yellow. The smaller ones tend to be brighter and lack the black spots.

Edit: Also if you are ever in doubt, check the cirri above the eye and on the nape. Rosy Blenny have just a single cirri in each location and while Barfin have very bushy eyebrow and nape.

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