Wouldn't know where to start..maybe mackerel of some kind?


Stumped again,  Scad, Mackerel, Jack?  Pics-1,2,3- Traveling in a school of about 15. Cruising along the shoreline of one of the south shore bays in 2- 10 feet of water. I know they are not Horse-eye jacks. I know they are not Spanish or Cero Mackerel. They seem to long to be scad. If I had to describe it to someone I'd call it a yellow tail, silver TROUT!!!


Pic #4 Do you think this is another Mimic Blenny> It doesn't look right as a Hairy Blenny. The mouth is too turned up-pudgy. 

Pics # 5-6  Have not been able to come up with anything that looks like these.  Similar circumstances/location as with the fish in the first group but I only saw 4-5 in the group. 

I'm probably missing something again....

Thank You for your help again..




Fish IDs

Your first three fish are Leather Jacket. http://www.fishbase.org/summary/Oligoplites-saurus.html

It's hard to tell from this picture but I think you're right - Mimic Blenny. When you can't see the other characteristics you can check the snout. A Mimic's snout will be noticeably more blunt than a Hairy's.

Hmm... Last two are odd. The markings along the back look like the ones on a mackerel or tuna, but looking at the tail and it is definitely a Jack. It's looks like the same shape as the Leatherjacket. Maybe a color variant?


Blue Runner?

Wow- Leather Jacket-Something new for my collection!

 I thought maybe the last fish was a Blue Runner. The Blue Runner has what looks like the same "rib" markings


Just a snorkeler, islandbarb,

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