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Of the top 6 pictures, I'm seeing Bucktooth Parrotfish-except there is no black margins on tail and anal fins. Then I think perhaps there are 2 different species, unless they are different phases of the Bucktooth, or something completely different. Fish Base's Bucktooth looks totally different. 

The bottom 4 pictures, I'm really confused about. THe 3 pictures that show the white spots along the dorsal fin and white tail blotch, match a picture on that says they are emerald Parrotfish, but the Reef Set's Emerald parrotfish looks nothing like that.  Fishbase also has NO listing of a Yellowtail parrotfish. If you search for Yellowtail parrotfish, it directs you to the Redtail Parrotfish page.  So what ARE these?


I can answer a few of the questions!

While I can't answer everything you ask, I do have a few tidbits to offer!

The Yellowtail Parrotfish is also known as the RedFIN (not Redtail) parrotfish. In fact, Redfin was its old AFS name, but now it's Yellowtail. When I do a search on Fishbase, it directs you to the Redfin name - so apparently Fishbase hasn't caught up yet to the name change.

And pictures 8-10 do appear to all be Yellowtail/Redfin Parrotfish. I agree.

Picture 7 could possibly be a Redband parrotfish. In our Parrotfish Fishinar a few weeks ago, Tracey Griffin taught us that the white blotch at the base of the tail is a good indicator of the Redband. I will shoot her an email and have her come look at these - she will probably be able to answer your questions!

Janna Nichols

REEF Outreach Coordinator

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