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In the Reef Set, fish are listed as being common, occasional or rare in various locations. I live in the USVI and I'm wondering where we fall as far as a "Location". Are we considered Eastern Caribbean, north-eastern, Northern, north-central?   I'm asking because I photographed a Bridled Burrfish here in St. John in about 4 feet of water. The Bridled Burrfish is listed as occasional in Northwestern Caribbean (which I don't think would be us) and uncommon to rare balance of Caribbean.


US Virgin Islands Geographic Area

Congrats on the great find!  REEF uses geographic codes and descriptions for the various areas where they collect information on fish sightings (  On the Geographic Zone codes page, you'll see that the Caribbean is in the Tropical Western Atlantic (TWA) Zone.  If you click on the TWA link (, you'll see that TWA has 9 regions.  USVI is in Region 6 - GREATER ANTILLES & VIRGIN ISLANDS.  Region 5 is the Northwestern Caribbean and includes Cuba, Nicaragua, Jamaica, Caymans, Honduras, Belize, the "Mexican Caribbean", and more.

Still confused

Thanks for the reply.  I do see I'm not in the NW Caribbean. But sinceThe Reef Set doesn't use the regions outlined on the zone codes.  (It would be nice if they were)   I'm still not sure where I am. If a fish's profile (under Abundance and Distribution) says "Eastern Caribbean", would that be me? 

Barb C.

Caribbean regions

Hi Barb. The Eastern Caribbean is generally referring to the Windward and Leeward Antilles. The windward and leeward, along with the Virgin Islands, make up the Lesser Antilles. The Greater Antilles are Cuba, Hispanola, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico. 

As far as the bridled burfish, I would say that you are in the "balance of the Caribbean". Cool find!

Christy Semmens

REEF Director of Science

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