Correct Name for the lionfish found here in the USVI


In doing some investigating, I've found that there are several species of Lionfish. Looking at pictures, it seems the lionfish I see here in the USVI is

"Petrois Miles", known as the Devil Firefish is this correct? 

Also, is it only the dorsal spines that are poisonous or all the fin rays?


Barb C. Just a snorkeler


There are two types of lionfish that have been found in the Atlantic: Pterois volitans (red lionfish) and Pterois miles (devil firefish).  Red Lionfish are much more common.  The two fish are very similar.  The devil firefish generally has 10 dorsal-fin rays and 6 anal-fin rays; the lionfish usually has 11 dorsal-fin rays and 7 anal-fin rays.

Both dorsal and anal fins have venom. 

You can find a very detailed fact sheet here:

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