Rainbow runners? Boga? in Curacao


Hi, fellow fish geeks!

I attached screen shots from an underwater webcam at Curacao (http://tinyurl.com/7q5hmdw). I snapped the first image around mid-day and the second image in the morning.

I think these guys slightly resemble rainbow runners or boga as shown in the Humann/Deloach Reef Fish ID F/C/B book. Fixing to load up the DVD to check out the alternate images; wanted to post here in the meantime. Whatcha think?


(Edited 4/25 to add another photo. Second photo shows yellow noses, which have me leaning toward boga.)


I vote Boga.  I see a lot of rainbow runners and this does not look like them.  Plus rainbow runners are usually in open water.

Yes, I think boga, too

Thanks, Carol! I think they're boga, too. I snapped a picture on the following day and the fishes' yellow snouts were visible as shown for bogas in the Reef ID book and dvd.

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