Magnifiers for mask - glue in or prescription mask?

It's inescapable, I need help seeing those pesky little fish.  So I thought I'd ask fellow surveyors about getting magnifiers for my mask.

What works best for you? What do you think is most cost-effective? How strong is the magnification you use?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Rx Mask

I've used Sea Vision Rx masks for years and I love them.  I am very near-sighted, but have to use bi-focals for seeing small sea life, camera settings, gages etc... I am very happy with them.  I did receive a set that gave me double-vision and Sea Vision requested my pupil-to-pupil distance and corrected the problem. 

Also, I love my pink lenses--the color correction really helps me see stuff I might miss otherwise.  That only works up to certain depths. 

Although I have changed my prescription glasses several times, I've only felt the need to change out my mask twice in the last few years.  I think the fact that everything underwater looks bigger provides some compensation, and I don't have to see as far underwater as I do when I'm driving a car. 

My sister dives rarely and has used an Optix insert to get by.  You just have to be careful with those because they can wash out of the mask.

Good luck.

I bought my parents both

I bought my parents both masks with diopter lenses you can put in yourself. For me it was a much cheaper solution rather than getting lenses cut/grinded to your exact prescription (the cost for a set of lenses and mask was around $60). I suggest going to your local dive shop and find a mask that fits you and can also have diopter lenses put in them; after this go online and you can usually find the mask and lenses much cheaper. I bought the masks online but the lenses were cheap enough at my local dive shop so I bought them and they gladly put them in for me.

The only caution about diopter lenses is they come in 0.5 increments and if you have bad stigmatisms you may need your actual prescriptions lenses. My parents have had no issues with their masks and have been able to see well underwater. You will definitely to get a copy of your prescription from your eye doctor though with diopter lenses, here is a link for choosing the correct lenses:

Good luck!

Prescription Dive Masks

Hi.  Don't know if you've made your decision yet.  I have used Prescription Dive Masks in San Diego and have been 100% satisfied with them.  The first time I needed 2X magnification so they put in 2X lens in half my mask, with the top half left as is.  About 3-4 years later I needed 3X close up and 1.75 mid distance (that cost $295).  So my entire mask is corrective, and I see better with those underwater than I do above water.  I do not have prescription glasses, just readers;  but they can also install prescription.  You just draw on your mask exactly where you want correction and they do it.   $295 may sound high,  but they will last a very long time.  It is so worth it.  Especially if you like to take pictures and navigate with a compass.

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