Kauai snorkel questions

My husband & I will be staying on Kauai Dec 29-Jan 11.  I have several questions and would appreciate any information.  Do people often snorkel in Hawaii at that time of year?  I get cold very easily although we did enjoy snorkeling in the Galapagos in January wearing shorty wetsuits.  Where are some good places to snorkel from shore that are safe for folks who don't know the area?  We are very experienced Caribbean snorkelers/swimmers but don't know Hawaiian conditions at all.  Thanks.

Kauai Snorkeling

One good trick is to use the REEF database to find snorkel sites. You can pull up a list of sites here, and then see what's found there, and go to the ones that seem to be most popular and have the most surveys done on them.


Even better is to use the options on the report to narrow down the December - January time frame to see what sites are usually accessed in the winter.

You can also call Seasport Divers on the island and ask them - they are a REEF Field Station - explain to them you are a REEF surveyor and need some information for your trip.

- Janna

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