Trunkfish variation?


At Blue Heron Bridge in WPB we noted this Trunkfish with a definitive green hue. Is this just a color variation of trigonus or possibly bicaudalis


I'm thinking a trunkfish, Lactophrys trigonus.  Juveniles are described as having a pattern of white spots.  As it matures it can develop "two dark scrawlike-blotches, one above the pectoral fin and one extending posteriorly from midside, and is greenish above and brownish below."  In the first photo, your fish looks like it is displaying the dark patches.

Great photos.

Thanks Carol.

I am posting a few more from BHB for your help.


Yes, the juvenile trunkfish running around BHB is bright green and is the buffalo trunkfish, Lactophrys trigonus.

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