Strange Bahamian Fish with Legs?


This strange fish has boggled my diving friends and I.  We were diving in the Bahamas (Nassau) at the site Willaurie.  It was found under the wreck "sitting" stationary, even when I swam right up to it.  It was dark grey with a big black eye.  It was about 14" long.  It looked like it had an "arm" instead of a pectoral fin that held it steady.  

Please help in identifying it!  

Looks weird, but it's not....

I am no expert (someone else feel free to chime in here and correct me) but that looks like a Greater Soapfish - pretty normal occurring species. They are solitary and inactive, and often rest on the bottom or lean against structures, according to Humann's Reef Fish ID book. The photo in the book makes the pec fin look like a weird arm too! I did a Google image search and found a number of other photos that look the same way with the pec fin, so it must just be a weird way they hold that fin sometimes.

- Janna :)

Looks wierd, but its not....

I'm not an expert either, but I agree that it is a greater soapfish.  The first time I saw one resting on the bottom I thought it was dead.  I have seen them quite often through out the Carribean.


Cool! Thanks!

Thanks!  Haven't seen another one on any of our dives this year.

yes, greater soapfish

Legs are fins

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