Clingifsh ID


This clingfish was on a wreck off Panama City, Florida, in the Gulf of Mexico.  It is about 2.5 inches long, and was found at a depth of 60 feet.  Any leads on the ID would be appreciated.

Gobiesox punctulatus

If Fishbase's photo of Gobiesox punctulatus is correctly identified I would bet it is that.


Stippled Clingfish


You are absolutely right!  I heard the same thing from another source.  I totally missed that darker phased photo of the fish on fishbase. 



troublesome clingfishes

well, it is an unusual report- especially the 60 feet deep.. both the stippled and the skilletfish are typically found in shallow water. Anyway- the stippled is supposed to be "rare or absent" along the Gulf Coast of Florida  and some photos of skilletfishes seem to show the same color pattern- only the confirmation of the papillae around the mouth is diagnostic- and they are sometimes hard to see. But I agree it is likely the Stippled Clingfish. Note that Fishbase IDs are volunteered by anyone and should not be considered confirmed.



When the fishbase photo is submitted by a fish expert, such as Peter Wirtz, I give it more credence. :-)   Also, I dive the gulf coast of Florida a lot because it's my home base, and I am always finding stuff that isn't supposed to be here.  This year seemed to especially big on unusual finds.  I think it could be because we had a milder winter, and then we had greater amounts of sarguassum come in during the spring.

I've been following your posts and enjoy your descriptions of the identifying features.


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