juvenile Bogas and miniture Parrotfish Belize


I got two more uncertainties:

1. Are those pink fish swimming with Blueheads juvenile Bogas? I encountered them twice in Belize each time in large channels close to the forereef.

2. What is this miniture Parrotfish? It puzzles me because of small size but rather adult appearance of Greenblotch (coloration) or Bucktooth (black markings)? As you see, it was only about the size of a Slippery Dick or Redband jv. Moreover, it was hanging out by itself out in the open, although, close to the grass.

Would be very thankful for your ID help. Frederica

The bottom picture: the far

The bottom picture: the far right- a juvenile Redband Parrotfish, the white with black stripes look like juvenile Slippery Dicks (wrasse) and the other looks like a juvenile Redfin/yellowtail parrotfish.

Just a snorkeler

Thank you for your

Thank you for your comments!

I am not sure about the one on the left with the red fins, to me it didn't appear like a Yellowtail jv....


I would say the one on the left is a small bucktooth- they can have small males- the one on the right is a redband.


the other two photos will not expand.

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