2 Blennies


The first 2 pictures look like a saddled blenny to me I am just not sure about the cirri. Image 3 and 4 show a blenny I cannot identify, it's dorsal fin is flapped to the side due to water movement. Both seen on posts under a dock in Belize. Anybody an idea? Cheers, Frederica

Malacoctenus triangulatus, macropus

Correct, first blenny is Malacoctenus triangulatus, Saddled Blenny. The prominent saddle markings are sufficient for I.D.

Second blenny is Malacoctenus macropus, Rosy Blenny. There's no easy way to identify these non-descript blenny, but look for the single cirri above the eyes and on each side of the nape.


Thank you so much Louis for

Thank you so much Louis for all of your responses, I really appreciate it!



Louis is exactly right... that single cirrus is the best character for the rosy blenny.

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