Spearnose Poachers?


I was in Laguna Beach over the weekend, and was the lone adult fascinated with the tide pools like all the kids :)


Anyway, I found these two little guys, and after much book consultation and internet searching (I'm primarily an Atlantic diver), finally came to the tentative conclusion that they might be spearnose poachers.  The dark one kept to the algae, while the light one stayed on the bottom.


Can anyone tell me what they are?

Tidepool sculpins

Not poachers, although the general look is similar - but rather a Tidepool Sculpin probably. The pictures are pretty small so it's hard to make out the details, but from what I see - the head and body shape, etc. I'd say it's a Tidepool.

- Janna


Thanks, Janna!  

I wasn't sure what the max photo size was for thediscussion forums, so I'll post bigger ones next time. 



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