We went on a Bari Reef night dive in Bonaire. We called the dive after 38 minutes. In the beams of our lights were hundreds of small wiggly worms in the water column. We don't know what they are and were creeped out by them. They were one inch -three inches long, very slender and very wiggly. There were too many of them to swim around them.  They were everywhere!   The best I can guess is that they are blood worms, whatever they are!  What are these things?  Are they harmful? 

Bloodworms, shrimp, etc


What you experienced probably were bloodworms, and possibly a mixture of other small critters that are attracted by dive lights.  Critters can include small shrimp, mantis shrimp, and larval fish.  These creatures general aren't dangerous, they just can be pesky.  If you keep on the move you will outswim most of them.  You can also place your light near a coral head and watch as the coral captures and feeds on many of these creatures of the night.


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