Sanibel Island, Florida .. Even the bait shop could not id...


At low tide, in a shallow tidal pool (~8" deep) I spotted this guy. It was between 8" and 10" ..

Someone walking along the beach said it was a batfish.  Sure didn't look like a batfish at

I took the photo to the local bait shop and they couldn't help.


.. jay



Southern Stargazer

Hi Jay!

That would be a Southern Stargazer. You should get your hands on a copy of Kells and Carpenter's "A Field Guide to Coastal Fishes". Great book, and it's listed on page 325. REEF sells these books in the online store:

Hope that helps nail it down,

- Janna

Thanks Janna! .. I will  get

Thanks Janna! ..

I will  get a copy of "A Field Guide to Coastal Fishes".


I think this is a northern

I think this is a northern stargazer, the center stripe extends foward across base of tail and onto the rear body, unlike the southern stargazer which the center stripe fades.  Its in the reed fish book, very cool find!!


On Sanibel Island it must be a Southern, the Northern is N. Carolina northwards.

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