Unknowns from Little Corn Island, Nicaragua


Some pics with my tentative IDs.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Fish IDs

Hmm... I'm not too familar with the Emerald Parrotfish or the Hamlets, but I'll comment on the others.

1. Looks like Pale Cardinals, unless your strobe gave them that pearly sheen.

2. From left to right: Grey Snapper, Caeser Grunt, Sailors Choice.

4, 5. I would guess Greenblotch Parrot

8. Definitely Sailors Choice.

9. Looks like a Yellowhead Wrasse with your Hamlet.



Re: cardinal fish.  The flash

Re: cardinal fish.  The flash makes them appear more pale than they looked in real life.  It was a night dive, and I think it is difficult to discern color under lights sometimes.  The width of the band at the base of the tail makes me think these were barred, not pale cardinalfish, but who knows.

Re: emerald parrotfish. I am wondering if some of the fairly nondescript small parrotfish we see in shallow water are juv and initial phase emeralds.  I think I have a pretty good search image for juv/init redband and greenblotch, but many of the others that don't fit these species descriptions could maybe be emerald or bucktooth?  Are they common in shallow water, sand and grass flats?  The photo here is one of the few pattotfish I've seen that really looks like a terminal phase emerald.

Re: hamlets.  I don't know what to make of some of these.  I only got a few pictures, but among the populations of obvious barred, yellowbelly, butter, and goldens hamlets, there are a bunch of individuals that look like a mash-up of these four species.

Mashed-up Hamlets

You are right up those hamlets mixing it up.  They are known for cross-breeding and creating lots of hybrids to confuse us!


I would say barred cardinalfish- both lines are thin, they can look very pale and pearly..

Emerald parrotfishes are a group with a different lifestyle- prefer cooler weedy habitats, rarely found on "nice" reefs, especially out on offshore islands, not sure where Corn Islands fall in that spectrum. I would think those are greenblotch if it were on a nice coral reef.

yes, lots of unusual local variants in hamlets...

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