Orangespotted Goby?


Saw lots of these guys hanging around their burrows while diving the Bleu Heron Bridge in Florida.

I think it is an orangespotted goby, but the dark spots don't seem to be in pairs, unless this is an example of what the book describes as having extensions that form bars.

I think so.  Most of the

I think so.  Most of the organgespotted gobies I've seen have had the paired spots, but there are several pictures in the reef fish ID software that look similar to your photo.  Habitat and behavior are consistent, too.

Goldspot Goby

This is the Goldspot Goby.  It has the bar through the eye and rectangular dashes down the side of the body.  I plan to dive the Blue Heron Bridge in March.  I am really, really looking forward to it.

Dash goby?

I was looking at some fish video and came across something that looks like this fish. The video was of a dash goby.   The dash goby habitat description also indicates that sometimes dash gobies share burrows with snapping shrimp.  The photo of dash goby in Humann and DeLoach shows very pale individuals.  However, the software has many more pictures of darker individuals, including ones with the same pattern of thin/thick dashes, and dark spot on gill cover, like in your photo.

So I'm changing my guess from orangespotted to dash goby.

Re: goldspot goby.  My experience with goldspot gobies is that the vertical lines through the eyes connect over the top of the head, but maybe that is not a consistent feature.

Dash Goby

I can agree with dash goby over the orangespotted, and probably over the goldspot.  I don't have experience with dash gobies, but this does seem to fit.

definitely a dash goby, Ctenogobius saepepallens.

definitely a dash goby, Ctenogobius saepepallens.

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