Unknown puffer or trunk type


My Mom took a photo of this and as I am just starting my REEF Surveys I could not find it in any of my books and my mom tried looking up masked spotted puffer and the masked puffer that came up definately is not it.  Simular to the Spotted trunkfish and has that mask of black and the bands of black.  This is from today Dec. 19, 2012 on Eastern Dry Rocks Reef (Key West) at about 1530.  Fish behavior was it was on the reef just swimming around and the photo was taken when it was going down under the little overhang and after my Mom moved to the side of that little down area it came back up and just hung around a little bit but Mom's camera was acting up and by the time she had it sorted it she did not see it.

Spotted Trunkfish

It's a spotted trunkfish.  They have a color phase with that mask and black spot.  Per the Reefnet DVD, they get that black spot when they are excited.  The dry rocks are a nice area.  I was there a couple of times this summer.


Thank You

I thought it was, but wanted to be sure.  Thank you

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