Scarus coelestinus (Midnight Parrotfish) ??? or cross with Rainbow Parrotfish ?


Hi, I am new on this forum..

I saw a very big parrotfish see pictures.... It looks like a Midnight Parrotfish in some respects, but not like the other ones I saw here on Bonaire (Netherlands Antilles).

all the pictures are from the same individual fish.

Does anyone know if I am right? Somehow it looks almost like a cross between Midnight and Rainbow Parrotfish (Six of those giants were swimming quite close too at the same place)


Cannot see the photos that

Cannot see the photos that well. Is it possibly a Blue?

See my comment on 01-04-2013

See my comment on 01-04-2013

The photos won't open to larger view. Try uploading them again.

My guess is rainbow.  If you have the reef fish ID software, look at rainbow parrotfish photos 5 and 6. They show some similar features, like the greenish tail area and dark beak.

I uploaded them again now in

I uploaded them again now in a bigger format...

I don't think it is a blue parrotfish since it does not have a squared off head like the TP phase of the blue, and not the yellow wash of the younger individuals, while it has the form of tail of a Midnight and Rainbow Parrotfish and it was very big too.

It was far too blue for the Rainbow Parrotfish which I met here. This big they are orangisch brown en green and not this blue. I looked at the software from you suggested, but it does not make me any wiser...

The rainbow should have a green beak as well according to the text from the REEF software and it really looked very different from the other six similar sized Rainbows close really was very blue... as blue as two of the pictures show... and no orangish edges on the scales like the Rainbow should have..

why don't my pictures show up in larger view?

I uploaded the pictures again, but I notice that they still will not open in larger view. What did I do wrong?


I have no idea why they don't open in larger view.   These are certainly odd-looking parrotfish.  I agree that they're not blues.  But they don't look quite like midnights or rainbows either.  I have not heard of parrotfish hybrids, but maybe that's what they are.  I hope somebody on this forum can make a positive ID, cuz now I'm really curious.

Rainbow IP to TP transition?

Could it be IP to TP Rainbow transiton? I was looking at and saw a fish that looks very much like yours. I don't know if the following will link to the photo or not, but here it is. The photo said this was a captive Rainbow. It was photo 21/21. I think some of the fish are mislabled on that site but look at photo 21 under Scarus guacamaia and see if it looks like your fish.

Rainbow parrotfish photo - Scarus guacamaia - G10027 - ARKive


Rainbow parrotfish (captive) - View amazing Rainbow parrotfish photos - Scarus guacamaia - on ARKive



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