Is this a Saddle Parrotfish?


I saw a couple of these swimming together in Bonaire. Are they initial phase Saddle Parrotfish? According to Humann-Deloach Fish ID they are common in Brazil but I don't think in Bonaire. Thank you. Toni

Redtail Parrotfish

Initial Phase of the Redtail parrotfish.  Check out the orange crescent on the tail and the dark blotch on the base of the pectoral fin.

Saddle Parrotfish

I think it's a saddle parrotfish for a couple of reasons.  First, the obvious white saddle behind the dorsal fin. Second, the Humann/DeLoach book notes that it's full range is not known.  Since the publication of that book, its range has been expanded to include the Netherlands Antilles, according to the IUCN.  

The redtail parrotfish only has the dark blotch at the base of the pectoral fin in the terminal phase, and both the retail and saddle have similar colors on the tail in the initial phases.

Anyone want to weigh in with another opinion?





Redtail Parrotfish

The IP photos of the Redtail Parrtofish have the dark blotch at the base of the pec in the Paul Humann DVD photos.


There appears to be some conflict between the book and the DVD.  The book indicates that the dark blotch is only a positive ID for the terminal phase.  I've only seen a dozen or so redtail initial phases, but none of them had the blotch.  

However, if the DVD has it, that should be considered seriously as well.  I wonder if the initial phases redtails pictured in the DVD were beginning to transition to terminal phase?

Can anyone else shed some light on this?

Redtail Parrotfish

Per Kells & Carpenter, the initial phase of the redtail parrotfish is "Always with distinct blackish blotch on upper pectoral fin base."  I think this is a redtail that just happens to have some white mottling at the base of the tail.

Carol Cox

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