Saddle vs Redtail Parrotfish


Hello again,

My dive buddy and I saw about 6 of these Parrotfish. They all looked alike and they all looked different from any other parrots we had seen previously. I attached another photo where you can see a second parrot (upper left corner) with very similar markings (not a very clear view, however). It too seems to have a white "saddle". HOWEVER, on, my "Saddle" looks very much like two of their Redtail IP photos.

I attached a second photo (Red or Yellowtail?) that I "thought" was a Redtail but I do not know. It appears to have kind of a saddle, but also a yellow tint to the tail. [The group of ~6 parrots we saw (suspected Saddle Parrots) had no hint of yellow as far as we can remember or see in our photos. And the mottling pattern between the suspected Saddle and suspected Red/Yellowtail seems different.] HOWEVER, on, my photo looks a bit like one or two of their Yellowtail IP photos. Would love to have your opinions on this fish as well.

And a third photo (Redtail?) is attached which I at first thought was a Stoplight IP but the tail does not look like a Stoplight. Could this be yet another variation of a Redtail? It is all so confusing............

Thank you for all the input!


Very nice photos. 

1.  Redtail Parrotfish.  The red crescent on the tail is very visible.

2.  Yellowtail Parrotfish.  The entire tail is yellow.

3.  Stoplight Parrotfish.  I think you are right that this is a Stoplight.  It looks like it is in transition from IP to TP.  I am going by the red fins and the dark outline on the scales.  If it was a Redtail, there would be a dark blotch at the base of the pectoral fin, so you can rule Redtail out.



Thank you! It is becoming less confusing. I didn't think about a transition from IP to Tp for the Stoplight but that could explain it nicely. I am going to post one more confusing parrot.

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