Brown variation Redtail Parrotfish?


Here is one last confusing Parrotfish for me. I was guessing brown variation Redtail. The Humann-Deloach fish book says it is difficult to distinguish the brown variation Redtail IP from the tan variation Yellowtail IP. I don't have good color in the photo which may make it more difficult to identify, but any guesses?

I have added 3 more photos. The second and third are more photos of the first fish. In the second photo there may be the slightest of pink around the pectoral fin.

In the third photo, there is also an IP Stoplight. Here you can clearly see the red of the Stoplight and still no color other than green/grey in the mystery parrot.

The fourth photo is that of a Yellowtail IP I took on the same trip. I included it because I just received a copy of Randall's 1996 Caribbean Reef Fishes and in it, he says the following about IP Yellowtail ..."alternate dark and pale bars (two of each) cross the chin"... My photo of the IP Yellowtail looks almost identical to that of Randall's and in both photos, you can see these "dark and pale bars". I cannot see any bars like this in the mystery parrot but I have no idea if that is significant or not in helping to determine if it is a Yellowtail or a Redtail. Thank you for all the input, I am learning a lot.


This one is a bit harder, but I lean towards yellowtail.  I do not see any red crescent on the end of the tail which should at least show up as a brownish color on your photo without color correction if this is a redtail.  I tried playing with your photo a little, and there does look to be a hint of a yellowish wash on the tail fin just behind the base.  I am also looking at how high the eye is up on the head.  That's my best guess, and I admit it is a bit of a guess on this one. 

Keep those photos coming!  It's a great way for all of us to discuss and learn.

I just added 3 more photos in

I just added 3 more photos in case these might help with the ID.

Photo color

I'm not sure what file format you used to shoot your photos, but there may be an easy color correction that will help with this fish (and with any underwater photo that has a blue or green cast).  It will definitely work if you shot the photos in RAW format, and might work with a TIFF file as well.

If you have Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture, or another photo editing program, set the white balance to 23000 and the tint to 150.  You'll probably have to tweak it a little bit, but that will get you much closer to actual colors.

Unfortunately, this won't work with JPG files.

Different fish

1.  Still fairly sure it's a yellowtail

2.  Yellowtail - yellowish wash on tail, dark blotch at base of pectoral fin, and dullish blue-green overall color

3.  Stoplight Parrotfish, Initial phase - dark borders on scales and the red-orange belly

4.  Yellowtail - solid yellow tail, where this parrotfish gets its name in the initial phase.

 Number 1, 2 & 3 (in #3, the

 Number 1, 2 & 3 (in #3, the fish above the Stoplight) are all photos of the same fish, so it looks like a Yellowtail. Thank you much!



I can't believe I missed the yellowtail in #3; I just went for the obvious. 

Glad I could help.  Keep posting! 

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