Two Fish I Cannot ID


I recently went on a diving/snorkeling trip in the Florida Keys.  I took a lot of pictures, and I was able to identify everything except for two fish.  These two were taken while snorkeling off of Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas National Park.

The first one seems pretty normal looking... it is yellow and white with two black stripes going across its body.  It also has a black spot near its tail.  I have attached two photographs.

The second one is really weird looking.  It was on the bottom and seemed to lie flat on its side.  Not sure if this is a strange fish or if it is simply a fish that is nearly dead.  It looks as if it has no tail, which makes me wonder if it's a fish that is badly wounded and just clinging onto life.

Any help identifying these two creatures is much appreciated.


Wannabe DiverOne

I think I actually know what these are!

Well, the first and the third anyway. That's a Juvenile Porkfish, in the Grunt Family.

As for the 2nd, it's a Parrotfish of some sort, and maybe a juv Redband parrotfish? But I am not sure on that one at all. That's just a wild guess.

- Janna


Thanks for the help!

Definitely the Juvenile Porkfish... not sure about the other one.  Maybe it is the Redband Parrotfish.  I'll wait for more responses.

If you're interested, I put up other pics I took on this trip (maybe some are not ID'ed correctly):

Stoplight parrotfish

Janna was right on about the porkfish.  The parrotfish looks like a young stoplight parrotfish.  It has the mottled white markings on the head, and the pectoral fins look reddish.

Your web site--

You have done a really good job of identifying fish on your web site, not everyone can tell a doctorfish from on ocean surgeionfish, but you did a great job.  I do have a few helps for you:

The inshore lizardfish is more likely a Sand Diver going by the dark spot on the gill plate. 

The smallmouth grunts are Caesar grunts.  Caesars have a black tail, smallmouth has a solid yellow tail.

Spotlight parrotfish is Stoplight parrotfish--I think that is probably what you meant.

Your squirrelfish is a longspine squirrelfish, depicted by the white tips on its dorsal spines.



Thank you for additional ID help...

I will look into these more and fix the ID's when I get the chance.  Thanks a lot for taking the time with these.  I really do appreciate it.

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