ID help on fish in Dominica


Found this fish in Dominica, 35 feet, night dive, on sandy bottom. Unafraid upon close approach.


Looks like a member of Serranidae... Hope someone else can chime in on which specie.


Dwarf Sand Perch

Check your references for the dwarf sand perch and see if that's a match.

Let me see if I can find a

Let me see if I can find a photo to confirm.

Could be, but inconclusive by this photo




Good photo and ID

I checked your photo against the Kells & Carpenter book, and DiverDave's identification as a Dwarf Sand Perch is right on.  Very nice photo and a good ID in my opinion.


This fish has been identified as an Aquavina in the sand perch family, Diplectrum radiale

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