what is this little fish ?


This is a photo taken by a dive buddy, in Bonaire in about 12 feet of water, the fish is about 1.5 inches in length , the pattern/marking is similar to a saddled blenny, but we have never seen this coloration ( clear) with black/white tail ?????


It's a Triplefin Blenny. No way to tell which specie, but I hear that Enneanectes boehlkei, the Roughhead Triplefin, is the most common shallow water Triplefin.


red eyed triplefin

Louis, thanks for the info. I had looked at lots of the many blennies but not the triplefins, when i checked Reefnet, there it was !


Actually, it's probably not a Redeye Triplefin. It's confusing because all our Triplefin have red irises and also because many of the Triplefin in ID guides are probably misidentified. The only reliable distinguishing features for Enneanectes spp. are the characteristics that scientists used to originally describe the species. The whole group really needs to be revised by an ichthyologist who can sort out all of the species and find some nice diagnostic features for us to use underwater.

Here are my pictures of Enneanectes pectoralis (Redeye Triplefin) from the Bahamas. Identity was verified in a lab by observing the minute spines above the eye and the basal width of the orbital cirri on the posterior rim of the eye - not exactly something you could check underwater even with photos.



Note the series of black dots on the anterior (leading) portion of the lateral line and the salmon color. These could be peculiar to the Redeye Triplefin, but it will take more specimens, preferably from different areas, to verify this.


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