Poor-quality photograph


April 15, 2013, Winch Hole, Molasses Reef (M-7), Key Largo, Florida.  Depth 29 feet.  Bottom temperature 78 degrees.

One reason the photo is so poor is the shark would not let me get close.  (Non-divers will not understand that sentence.)  Not aggressive, somewhat shy.  Three-and-a-half-to-four feet.  Pointed snout.  To me, definitely not the regular nurse shark of Caribbean reef shark.  Caudal fins asymetrical.  First dorsal fin seemed more pointed than rounded to me.

I tried the interactive DVD, and I am leaning toward blacknose shark, but I really need help.

Thank You,


Poor- quality photograph

Very hard to tell from the photo :) but Blacknose is best guess.


Jonathan Lavan,

REEF on-line instructor and fish geek.

Thank you

Thank you for your imput.

Someone, whom I respect, suggested Caribbean reef shark.


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