Unknown fish


Hi Folks.

Thanks for helping me on the last unknown fish ID.

I photographed this fish in Akumal(Mexico- Caribbean ) in 2012. I have tried using the books to ID this fish but I am unsure of the ID. It was small maybe 3inches. Could it be a queen trigger or the gray trigger, juvenile or intermediate? The dorsal fin looks similar to the adult trigger? And the eyes seem to have some lines radiating from them?

It was not shy nor afraid of me. It actually bumped my camera lens twice. I didn't see it right away as I was photographing other fish. I was floating in about 2 feet of water. I don't think it liked me in its space. It was hanging around some butterfly fish and what looked like a gray angelfish juvenile. 

Thanks for your help


Gray Triggerfish

Correct, it is a Triggerfish. You've found a Gray Triggerfish. Juveniles often have the blue spots and squiggles.

A juvenile Queen Trigger will look just like an adult.



Thanks for the help Louis!

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