No photo, sorry.  A bunch of us were swimming in our canal in Key Largo, Florida.  There was lots of floating seagrass.  One piece caught my eye.  It was about four inches long, as thin as seagrass, but it wasn't flora; it was fauna.  It was a fish disguised as floating debris.  On close inspection, it looked like a miniature grass-colored scrawled filefish.  It just floated, mostly vertical, with the distinctive brush tail and snout of the scrawled filefish.  If you touched it, sometimes it didn't react, and twice it swam quickly, once jumping out of the water.

I tried the filefish family in the interactive DVD, but I am really no good at this.

Any ideas?

Thank You,


Slender Filefish?


Try looking up slender filefish.  They have an amazing variety of colorations to match their environment.


Thank You Again

Slender filefish.  Great.  Thank you.

It is all learning.  I love it.


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