Galapagos fish help


Howdy! I'm a grad student at Texas A&M looking for some fish ID help. I was in Galapagos in May and did some basic dive surveys. Took video with a GoPro and what you will see here is a screenshot of me playing back the video. I apologize for the quality and the fact that it's not zoomed in. 

I have no idea what this little guy is, but I am seeing a lot of them in various videos and I believe they are juveniles. Someone else has suggested juvenile Chameleon wrasse (Halichoeres dispilus) but I'm still not sure. PLEASE help!! :)



Galapagos fish help

Probably an IP (juvenile) Cortez Rainbow Wrasse. Hard to tell from the pic...that's my best guess.

galapagos fish

would need to see some video, how it moves. Black striped fish like that are not an obvious Galapagos fish, would like to see the variations.. does look wrassy...

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