ID help please


Here three very bad images, but maybe somebody will still able to id them. All from shallow water in Belize, 1 and 2 were very small and 3 looked like a rosy blenny to me due to its pointy face. Would be grateful for any hint. Cheers Frederica

ID help please

Shot 1 could be a Barfin Blenny. Shot 2 could be a Rosy Blenny. Shot 3 could be a Barfin as well. Very hard to tell from the photos.

Thanks for the hints, I think

Thanks for the hints, I think you are right about image 3 being a Barfin Blenny. The fish on the photo called Fish2 (first image) was very tiny and I wonder if it could be some species of the genus Starksia?!

or probably rather genus

or probably rather genus Lythrypnus.

blurry blennies

quite a challenge.. I cannot open #3, but #2 is certainly an orangespotted blenny.. #1 is hardly visible, but bars like that are pretty rare on a Belize reef, the only good candidate is the Lythrypnus gobies which are rarely out in the open!

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