Glassy Sweeper juveniles?


Hi, I would appreciate some more ID help:

are those Glassy Sweeper juveniles? and what are the other ones?

They kind of looked like silversides but were quite blue.

The parrotfish in second photo was very golden-green colored and displayed a white stripe. I did not see any more stripes on it's belly. It somehow appeared different from a redband juvenile, also a little more bulky. Possibly a Greenblotch or Bucktooth?  I have never seen this color phase before though.

Thank you!


Glassy Sweeper and Reef Silverside

Correctomundo. Those are Glassy Sweepers, the juveniles are clear, but still have the distinct body shape and the dusky margin along the base of the anal fin.

Your blue fish are Reef Silversides. Can't remember the scientific name, but it's something impossibly long anyway.

Sorry, can't help with the parrotfish, I gave up on the juv parrots a long time ago.


Thanks so much, Louis. I

Thanks so much, Louis. I don't blame you about the jv. parrotfish!

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