Unknowns and best-guesses from Roatan. Part 1: Blenny and goby?



I'm finally getting through my photos from a great July Roatan trip, in which I logged (unofficially) 160 species. I had to re-size all these photos to get them under the 2 MB upload limit here, so this is also a test of uploading capabilities.

Maybe y'all could help me verify some of these and give me some direction on the truly unknowns.  I'll start with A) a couple of what I think are orange-spotted blennies (?), on dock pilings, depth 3 feet - I showed these to some folks in Roatan and they suggested seaweed blenny, and B) a truly uknown goby-looking thing poking out of a worm hole in hard coral, depth approx. 15 feet.  My wild guess is toger goby.  I never saw the rest of the body, just the head.  Any help would be appreciated.  More to come.  Thanks.


H. springeri

First blenny sure looks like Hypleurochilus. I'm not very familiar with the Orangespotted Blenny, but your photos look like others I've seen of H. springeri. Definitely not Parablennius.


By the way great

By the way great pictures!

Looks like you had a sucessful trip.


Yes, it was a great trip!

Saw a bunch of things I'd never seen before.  I guess I can confirm the Orange-spotted blenny (H. springeri).

No guesses on the bottom picture?

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