Unknowns and best-guesses from Roatan. Part 2: Grass-habitat parrotfish, and confusing porgies


I have trouble with sub-terminal  parrotfish individuals in shallow water.  The photos here are what I would call greenblotch parrotfish, but there's enough variation in the sub-terminal redband and bucktooth that I'm not sure what I'm looking at half the time.  I'm not sure I've ever seen an emerald parrotfish either, but then again they might be swimming all around me and I'm calling them greenblotch or redband.  These photos were at less than 10 feet depth.

It seems that porgies ought to be simple, but then when I look at pictures of what I was sure of whenI was in the water, I find that I'm not so sure afterwards.  Here are three individuals: #1 I called jolthead, #2 I called saucereye, and #3 I just don't know.  All at10-15 feet depth.



Porgies no 1 and 3 are Calamus bajonado, Jolthead. Calamus calamus have a smaller eye and a more delicate face.

Probably not possible to ID your juvenile porgy. Even with the fish in hand I would be suspicious of any ID without DNA.




I think the parrots are terminal phase Greenblotch, although the thin redstripe from mouth to eye could indicate Emeraldparrot-not sure whether this species occurs in Roatan. I'll upload you a picture in a seperate post of a Greenblotch that I took in Belize, also on seagrass.


I'll consider this confirmed as greenblotch.  Thanks.

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