Unknowns and best-guesses from Roatan. Part 3: Rosy blenny and juvenile saddled blenny?


Small blennies at about 5 feet depth, on mostly-dead hard coral.  Three separate individuals.

Also, what appears to be a saddled blenny but with an obvious dark blue/black spot at the base of foredorsal.  Spot extends down onto the body.  In healthy patch reef, depth about 10 feet.

Yea, nea?  What do you say?


Macropus and Triangulatus

Both are scaly blennies of the genus Malacoctenus, family Labrisomidae.

First Blenny is M. macropus, Rosy Blenny.

Second is M. triangulatus, Saddled Blenny. Don't let the black spot throw you off - they are highly variable.



Thanks Louis

Rosy blenny it is - a new species for me.

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