Stumped in Cozumel. What is this? Blenny?


Came across this small animal in Cozumel July 2013.  Have gone through my ID books and I'm stumped.Maybe someone can tell me what it is despite the poor picture quality.   Thanks!   

Stumped in Coz

It is hard to tell from the photo but I am guessing that this is an Eelgrass Blenny (Stathmonotus stahli). Check the ID book and let me know.


Best Fishes,

Jonathan Lavan

Head Fish Geek

Stumped in Coz

Hi Jonathan,I don't have any pics of the Eelgrass blenny in my ID book (Florida Caribbean Bahamas Reef Fish ID 3rd Edition, Humann and Deloach) but what I could find with google leading to me other links and mainly plate drawings suggests they are primarily green.   This guy was orangish in body color with white markings on the head. Any further thoughts?Thanks!  Linda


Stathmonotus yes

They can take on any color...

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