Curacao unknowns


Any help with some unknowns from Curacao would be appreciated.  Depth and habitat info should be visible with mouseover.  Thanks.

Nice Finds!

First fish is Enneanectes boehlkei, the Roughead Triplefin. The triplefin family has recently been revised with several new species being described. Many of the photos in the field guides are not correctly identified. If you are really curious here's a link to a new paper describing several of the new species:

It's a very large file with (close your eyes Ben) lots of boring information, but nice photos.

Second fish in photos 3 and 4 is Malacoctenus aurolineatus, the Goldline Blenny. Kind of a funky looking one.

Photo 5: Sorry, don't know the first thing about tube blennies...

Yes, I would call that a Sharknose Goby.

Last fish is Entomacrodus nigricans, the Pearl Blenny. Keep your eyes open - once you find a Pearl Blenny his ally the Molly Miller is usually not far.

Nice photos and finds!


Thanks Louis!

Haven't found a Molly Miller yet, but we'll keep looking.

Tube Blenny ID

I believe the Tube Blenny in picture #5 is a Spinyhead Blenny,  Acanthemblemaria spinosa


Barb-Just a snorkeler

I think maybe you're right...

which means I still haven't seen a secretary blenny.  Picture number 5 has the white streak below and behind the eye that a secretary should have, but also has serrated lips and what appear to be unbranched cirri covering the head.  The habitat was picture-perfect for secretary blenny as described in Humann and Deloach...

I guess I have to go to back to Curacao and get better pictures to be sure!

Curacao blennies

good to know it is Curacao- the triplefin there with the two dark bars at the rear is Enneanectes deloachorum. Then two goldline blennies. Then the spinyhead tube blenny (secretary blennies have big head spines and are in very shallow rough water and do not occur in the Netherlands Antilles). Then the pearl blenny.

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