Yellowtail Hamlet


Hi all,

Looking for confirmation that this is a yellowtail hamlet.  I found it today in abuot 20fsw at Folly Cove, Massachusetts, bottom temp 55F. The attached pics aren't the best, this guy was really shy and wouldn't stand still.  This link will take you to a video, its unedited and shaky.



versus yellowedge grouper?

It does look like a hamlet- BUT, hard to imagine it alive at 55 degrees. Now there is a lookalike, the juvenile yellowedge grouper, which is known up in North Carolina etc. looks superficially similar and cannot be ruled out for your fish.


note the head-on shot shows the fish to be a bit wider than one would expect from a hamlet, who are often pretty thin- I am favoring a yellowedge grouper (mostly because of the temperature!).

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