Black Yellowtail Snapper?



I was hoping someone might be able to help ID this fish for me. It looks eerily similar to a yellowtail snapper (Ocyurus chrysurus) except for the fact that there is no yellow to be seen. The photo was taken in about 35-40 fsw south of St. Maarten. It was also found with a small dispersed school of Yellowtail Snapper. There have been no alterations to this photo except for croping to this size. So do they come in a black variety or is this another species all together? Thank you!

Yellowtail Snapper

The Reefnet DVD has a picture of the yellowtail snapper in that same color phase.  It's pretty safe to say that is what it is.  No telling why the color change - it could be trying to attract a mate, territorial, or any other number of reasons we don't understand.

Great thank you! I'm not

Great thank you! I'm not going to lie though, I was hoping you'd tell me I have another species to put down on my REEF survey. :D

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