Blue Heron Bridge Mystery Fish


I was diving over the past weekend at the Blue Heron Bridge, and saw a fish that didn't look even related to anything I've ever seen before (although I'm sure that it is).  So, any help would be appreciated.

I saw 4 of these fish, and each was 4-5 inches long.  They were slender, like a wrasse, and in the middle of a number of Slippery Dicks.  They moved more like tilefish, but swam freely, didn't have any burrows (that I could see), and certainly weren't shy.

I don't have a photo, so I did my best estimate with a drawing (please forgive my poor drawing abilities).  The fish had three equal width stripes: black, white, and black.  The tail was clear with black flowing edges that extended past the rest of the tail.  In the drawing, the tail is larger in relation to the body than it actually was (I couldn't get that right).

I've looked through the REEF book, and checked Florent's (Caribbean, FL, Hawaii, and Pacific) as well, but haven't found anything.




striped fish

I would worry about an aquarium release of an Indo Pacific blenny or something with the flowing tail, but they sound too big, too many, and in a very visited spot. Sorry, the description just doesn't fit anything.

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