More Blenny ID quieries


I would appreciate confirmation of the following blenny identifications.

All photos are from the keys.

Rosy (2 male & 1 female) and Two color phases of Roughheads.

Thank you,



Yes, the first three are Malacoctenus macropus, the Rosy Blenny. I would say you are correct in identifying the first as female and 2nd and 3rd as male.

Nice Photos.


Blenny IDs

Thanks Louis!

Any thoughts on the Roughheads?



Donna, I would say from the shape and location of the branching cirri that the first is probably a Roughhead blenny, Acanthemblemaria aspera; the second one is hard to say from the photo. Where were these taken?

yes, rosy blenny and two color phases of roughhead blenny

note that roughheads, A. aspera, come in yellow and dark spotted versions, often on the same reef. Yellow are common in Florida.

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