Are these fish black jacks?


This picture appeared in a message from National Geographic.  It was taken in the Bahamas of Sylvia Earle and the natives.


Black jacks?

The dorsal and anal fins don't seem so long as in the book.  The slope of the faces don't seem so steep as in the description.  The scutes seem to be present and black.  I think that I can see the spot on the gill cover.

Horse eye Jacks

The nape on the Black Jack is steeper and while its difficult to see in this photo the caudal on the foreground fish is yellowish not black. I've only seen one Black Jack in all the years I've been diving, caught it on video here in the Keys. 

Horse-eye Jacks

Thank you Carlos

The eyes do seem a bit larger in proportion than those of the black jack.  With the note in the book that the black jacks are deep water fish, and the surface visible in the photo, your id is gaining greater validity by the moment.  I'm grateful for your help in improving my id skills.

Black jack

Edwin, I have a Black jack on a film clip on my facebook page if you want to see one. Go to

scroll down to August 16 and you'll see an entry that begins with "My favorite divesite in the Florida Keys is the Aquarius Habitat." In this short movie from 0:59 to 1:01 a Black jack swims in from bottom of frame and out the top of the frame. I wasn't even aware I had caught it on video until AFTER I played it back! One individual in 35 years of diving and I have 3 seconds of video to prove just never know.


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