Unknown moray?


I took this picture in Cuba. Would you know what it is? With teeth it seems like a moray

Cuba, not a moray

My best guess is that it is a dusky jawfish. 

Unknown Moray

That is a Banded Jawfish.


Well, definitely a jawfish but without seeing the body markings it is not possible to tell the species with any accuracy. There are 13 jawfish species in the Caribbean and we can probably rule out Yellowhead and Mustache because these have a very distictive head markings. You can also rule out Swordtail/Palemouth/Higman's/Yellow/Spotfin/Darkspotted and Bluebar because these aren't reported in Cuba. This leaves the possibility of Banded, Mottled, Dusky, Megamouth and Yellowmouth. 

Nice find.


If you note the "bands" on the mouth you can be 99% certain it is a Banded.


Well, I have images of other jawfish species (robinsi, whitehurst, maxillosus) that have bands on the lips and it is definitely not the Banded O. macrognathus. I also believe that the bands the scientific community is referring to are the 5-6 dark bars on the body.

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