Another Blenny


Here is another Florida Keys Blenny I can not ID.  As you can see by the sponge it was in, it is pretty large - for a blenny.  Head is about 2" wide - I thought it might be a Molly Miller, however, I do not see the "Mohawk" cirri - can they hold it down out of site?  Any thoughts - Thanks, Donna

Hypleurochilus bermudensis

Hmm, It looks like the head of a Barred Blenny, Hypluerochilus, bermudensis. But the Barred Blenny is not very big...

That's a tough one.


Labrisomus nuchipinnis?

Thanks Louis - It is a lot larger then any Barred Blenny I have ever seen.  I am now thinking maybe it was the Hairy Blenny, Labrisomus nuchipinnis.  Thoughts anyone?  Thanks, Donna

big blenny

If not the barred blenny then the orange-spotted blenny (in the Keys specifically)- they can get bigger..

Not a hairy blenny- not as blunt headed and a different family.


I have watched this behavior by the Barred blenny before, too bad we can't see the body markings.


Are you very possitive the head was 2 inches wide? That seems unlikely for a fish that very much appears to be a species of Blenny.

Just checking....

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