Small white fish with reddish blotch - Bonaire


Small fish, only a few inches.  White, with very light blueish scrawls on the face.  Reddish or orange blotch in the middle of the body, on both sides.  Reddish color on all fins. 

I love Fish ID, and I have tried every book I know...Help! :)

Pearly Razorfish

Looks like you've found a Pearly Razorfish. Very interesting fish that dives head first into the sand to escape predators.

Nice Find!Louis

Pearly Razorfish

Cool! I was suspecting that species, but couldn't find a pic that matched anywhere.  I will go with that. 

Thanks very much!  I had to take pics of this when I saw it swimming - totally new to me.




That is actually a much more common Green Razorfish. It will always have a red eye and you will note the body highlights are green.



Jonathan Lavan

REEF Online Instructor and Fish Geek

Pearly Razorfish

I would have to say that it is a Pearly Razorfish as the eye are not red and It has the Reddish band on the side instead of the 2 black dots. Head shape and eye placement is hard to tell but it does appear to be in the right range


I favor pearly razorfish- the species are hard to tell apart sometimes- but the bloody red spot on the side is a rare manifestation of pearlies. Greens are not usually uniformly pale like this and I have never seen one with the big red patch.

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