Jawfish and a Cardinalfish from Grand Cayman


I was diving in Grand Cayman a couple of weeks ago, and on a twlight dive, I saw what I initally thought was a banded jawfish in about 15 feet of water with a burrow in the hard pan at Sunset House.  It caught my attention because it was mostly out of its burrow.


However, the more I thought about it, the more this banded jawfish didn't look like the others I've seen.  Its pattern was a little different, and it had a slight yellowish cast.  Is this just the usual nighttime coloring for banded jawfish, or is it possibly a mottled or other kind of jawfish?


Also, I saw tons of these cardinalfish (last photo) on the same dive.  Sorry the photo is out of focus.  They were pink with two bars, but the bars were considerably thicker than what I expected for a barred cardinalfish.  I'm somewhat iniexperienced with cardinalfish, so any suggestions would be welcome.





Barred or Pallid Cardinalfish

Did you look at the pallid cardinalfish?  Could be the barred in a pale color phase, which they do at night, or the pallid which has wider bars.

Mottled Jawfish

Your jawfish could be a mottled jawfish.  Reefnet even has a photo on the DVD with a yellowish fish.

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