Silver Jenny? .... Flagfin Mojarra .. HorseEye Jack ?


the black tip dorsal fin and the yellow tail fins are prominent in these photos ...

my description of Silver Jenny doesn't say anything about yellow tail fins though

any ideas ?

thanks !

Silver Jenny

It looks the most like an Atlantic Bumper but the mark on the dorsal fin should be on the upper base of the tail.


Where was this picture taken?

Horse-eye Jack

I think it is a Horse-eye Jack.  It matches the description in Wikipedia

Also it looks like the photos here:


Flagfin Mojarra

I think it is more likely the Flagfin Mojarra, the tip on the dorsal is definitely black, rather than dusky like on a Silver Jenny.

Horse-eye Jack

Have to agree with nielan - looks very much like youngish Horse-eye Jacks to me.

yes, jacks

small jacks


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