Needing Help with this One


This fish was flitting about, much like a Blenny. Not sure what it is or whether it's a juvenile of a particular fish. Any ideas?


It's either an Emerald or a Bucktooth Parrotfish, but it's hard to tell which one from the photo.  Hopefully, a parrotfish specialist will chime in.



Thanks for your help

Thanks for your help is greatly appreciated.

Possible Stoplight parrotfish juvi

The juvenile Stoplight parrotfish (Sparisoma viridie) will have white spots throughout as this individual has. The photo isn't clear enough for a definitive ID but I would bet on Stoplight.

Good point Carlos...thx for

Good point Carlos...thx for the input.

Allison and Carlos: I was

Allison and Carlos: I was leaning towards a Bucktooth, until Carlos's message. Any chance that it could be a juvenile Red Band, as another person as suggested from a different forum? I don't, but then again, I'm a novice....  Thx again, as your feedback is greatly valued.

Parrotfish juvi

Redband parrotfish don't have spots like these nor do Bucktooth. 

Thanks for your prompt reply

Thanks for your prompt reply Carlos....very consise, which I appreciate.

Emerald Parrotfish

It appears that the process of elimination yields an Emerald Parrotfish.  We've eliminated Bucktooth and Redband, and I would add Stoplight as well.  Juvenile Stoplights have a dark border on the end of their tails, while your fish has a clear border.  So, based on habitat and appearance, it must be an Emerald.  Juvenile Emeralds don't have any distinctive marks, so identifying them is often a process of elimination.

Thx're right

Thx're right about the tail. I zoomed it on the original even more, and it definitely is clear. As always, I am in debt for you taking the time to contribute. I find juvenile Parrotts very difficult.... I have posted another set of pics and may do one more fish after that, as I try to finally eliminate all of my unknowns from a recent trip to Cozumel. If you would care to comment on them, with your considerable experience, I would be quite grateful. thx

Thx for the input

Thx for the input many opinions, each making valid points.


Juvenile Redband Parrotfish DO have the black blotch on their side just behind the gill cover. The Emerald and the Bucktooth do not. As far as I can tell, the only one that does have the black blotch IS the Redband. And it is the Redband parrot fish that carries those white dots along the spine into maturity.

That's my opinion.


Barb-Just a snorkeler

Great insight....I appreciate

Great insight....I appreciate it greatly. Oh yeah, I'm "just a snorkeler" as well :)   Thanks!!

I agree with redband

I agree with redband juvenile!

Thx....that appears to be the

Thx....that appears to be the correct ID.

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